Company Profile

INA Solutions Inc. was founded in 2011 to serve commercial and government agencies requiring advanced information technology solutions towards solving sophisticated and complex business processes and problems. Our domain expertise includes human resources, financial management, budget and execution, cloud based solutions, networking, IT infrastructure, and logistics factors. Our team members have created traditional and cloud-based web and mobile applications for human capital management and financial systems for federal government clients including the Department of State Department (DOS), Department of Agriculture (USDA), Departments of the Navy, Department of Commerce, and Department of Labor. We have domain centric subject matter expertise (SME) and experience in performing these functions and more. We have demonstrated superior performance to our clients, and we are eager to provide these services and value across commercial and government clients. INA has a knack for providing creative solutions related to design, development, testing, training, implementation, and operations of large enterprise applications. INA has developed internal control measures to include processes, procedures and policies to support our Program Management, IT engineering, performance metrics, network support and related consulting areas. We continue to successfully employ standardized and disciplined processes used for the design and development of our IT solutions that balance cost, schedule, performance and risk for our clients. In addition to our overall strength, our capabilities and experience also encompass the entire life cycle of systems and data architecture. These results are possible due to our unshakable belief in collaboration, communication, and delivery on all of our commitments.