Mission & Vision

Our Mission federal and commercial marketplace with the highest quality of information technology consulting services. We will help lead the Federal Government to deploy cutting edge science and solutions that will utilize technology to reduce costs and greatly expand their return on investments. We will help our clients to expand opportunities for a integrated world and bridge the digital divide. We empower our clients to become operationally efficient, faster and smarter, while offering the best possible value for their investments.

Our Vision is to be recognized as a leader in the industry that delivers efficient and transformative technology solutions that secures our nation’s information and data, improve the lives of our citizens and support mission-critical government initiatives.

Our Core Values is to maintain and promote INA values. We recognize that it is not enough to simply deploy solutions, but that in order to be a truly successful company; we must instill and foster values that make our employees trusted advisors to our clients, developers of innovative solutions and people who promote a healthy working environment.

We foster an environment of creativity and innovation that continually drives our high standards of service. We deliver the best solutions at the forefront of technology and are able to anticipate market trends to adapt quickly. We live to support each of our customers’ success by delivering forward-thinking solutions, effective results and value every day. With the creativity, passion and commitment of INA’s employees, no challenge is too great.

We offer our valued customers the highest possible standards of service. At INA, we treat customers with dignity, respect and courtesy; listen objectively to their needs and respond in a timely, efficient and responsible manner. We put our customers at the center of everything we do because customer satisfaction is the foundation of our business.

At INA, we believe our people are a key component in every service and solution we provide. We strive for excellence in everything we do, and recognize that our strength and success comes from our people. We invest in our people by supporting professional growth, continuous learning and personal development to drive our united and dynamic company. Our people and stakeholders define us, and we consider them first in every decision and solution we put forth.