Our Services

INA Solutions, Inc. practice has a combined staff experience of over 45 years, teaming best in class program development with some of the industry's most cutting edge technologies and methodologies. We provide services with one common goal: to help our customers become faster, smarter and more operationally efficient while offering the best possible value for their investments.

Enterprise Architecture
Enterprise Applications Integration (EAI)
Systems Architecture
Systems Design/Redesign/Reengineering
Systems Development (SDLC)
System Implementation
Mobile Application Development
Data Warehouse, Architecture and Mining
Business Intelligence and Big Data Analytics
Cyber Security
Operations and Maintenance (O&M)
Business Process Reengineering (BPR)
Cross Platform Interfaces
Data Synchronization
Data Extract, Transfer and Load (ETL)
Data Quality Control
Data Assurance
System Assurance
Dashboard and Analytics
Federal Overseas Personnel Data