PMO Support

As an expert in Agile management processes, INA can help you identify any manner in which your PMO can better work for you and help your projects thrive. Best practices from one project might be useful on another project. How can you gather best practices for project management and leverage them across all your work? INA can help you make sure your entire organization is able to benefit from lessons learned on other work.

Project and Program Management

INA can help you identify and make best use of innovative, best-of-breed project and program management services. The best project management tools enable PMs to easily track the status of ongoing work, identify any roadblocks, and quickly address issues as they arise. An agile approach to management and development ensures that your organization can iteratively improve how it fulfills its core missions, and remain continually able to leverage the best available tools and technologies to get work done.

Process Management

With our decades of combined experience helping organizations like USDA, the Navy, the Air Force, and numerous commercial entities, INA has developed a mature, yet ever-evolving set of best practices for process improvement. Our management experts know how to identify what an organization already has in place, and what processes they might be able to apply to improve operations, grow a customer base, and cut expenditures.

Agile/Scrum Support

Agile is not just a software development approach – it’s a mindset and a culture that need to be imbued into all levels of a development operation to be most effective. Managers, developers, business analysts, and users need to be on the same page to make sure requirements are accurately gathered, user stories are clear comprehensive, and that sprints will achieve projected goals in predictable periods of time. INA is made of Agile experts who can help your development teams streamline processes, leverage industry-leading tools like JIRA, and adapt the enterprise to adopt an agile mindset.