Mobilizing the Store

How is your organization keeping up with the seemingly exponential pace of change in the retail space?

Everyone has a phone, and companies with a brick and mortar presence are taking big steps to engage with customers via mobile once they walk in the door.

Retail organizations need to evolve their businesses and take advantage of all kinds of technologies to get their customers what they want, as quickly and efficiently as possible. You need the right blend of technology, strategy, and people to keep up with the level of responsiveness that consumers are becoming accustomed to. You’ve already got WiFi and other existing technology infrastructure

– how are you using it to interact with shoppers?

INA has been helping retail organizations understand what kinds of technologies are available that can help them engage with customers on a mobile basis, and keep up with the giants of the modern retail world.

Mobile & Web Commerce

Having a presence on the web is not necessarily enough. Your website or application needs to be optimized so that it runs and displays cleanly across both web and mobile platforms.Your customers need to be able to find what they need, pay for it easily, and be sure that it will get to them quickly. INA has helped customers not just get onto the web, but to build adaptive systems that maximize sales for all kinds of products and services.

Mobile Payments

You’re selling goods or services on the internet but can customers pay quickly, intuitively, and securely? The last thing your organization needs is a customer ready to buy only to give up for one reason or another when it comes time to pay. Customers need to be able to pay the way they want, and be guaranteed that it will go through securely. INA has helped customers build out mobile payment systems and processes that ensure that the step of transferring payment is the easiest part of your e-commerce process.

Retail Systems Integration

If you've got a physical store and a presence on the web, the two venues need to remain in lock-step with each other. Whether it’s inventory, accounting, marketing, or payments, information has to flow to and from the same centralized systems. Success in retail systems integration means making sales and gathering/leveraging data that helps you make the best decisions to help both the web-based and brick-and-mortar sides of your business succeed.