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Business Analysis

Whether you’re operating in the private, public, non-profit sector or all across each sometimes you’re just too busy to take a step back. Organizations leverage Business Analysis tools and approaches to gather pertinent information, identify objectives, evaluate approaches, conceive plans, and execute. INA has a strong demonstrated record of serving as the outside, expert eye that can help organizations figure out what's going well, what could be improved, and how to run at peak form.

Process Improvement

With our decades of combined experience helping organizations like USDA, the Navy, the Air Force, and numerous commercial entities, INA has developed a mature, yet ever-evolving set of best practices for process improvement. Our management experts know how to identify what an organization already has in place, and what processes they might be able to apply to improve operations, grow a customer base, and cut expenditures.

Agile Application Development

Agile is not just a software development approach – it's a mindset and a culture that need to be imbued into all levels of a development operation to be most effective. Managers, developers, business analysts, and users need to be on the same page to make sure requirements are accurately gathered, user stories are clear comprehensive, and that sprints will achieve projected goals in predictable periods of time. INA is made of Agile experts who can help your development teams streamline processes, leverage industry leading tools like JIRA, and adapt the enterprise to adopt an agile mindset.

Web Application Development

INA has helped organizations like the USDA and the Air Force develop intuitive web applications that enable users working across a wide range of missions to do their work faster, easier, and more efficiently. Leveraging an Agile development approach, we are adept at interacting with end users and managers to understand exactly what they need to do their jobs, and quickly build straightforward, adaptable web applications that become indispensable tools in the achievement of those missions.

Responsive Design

Across all functional areas and domains, end users use their laptops, phones, tablets and other devices to access critical tools and applications that live on the web. Tools that are built using the tenets of Responsive Design can be presented cleanly and reliably across all kinds of platforms. With technologies like Bootstrap, jQuery, Adobe, Foundation, Pure and Montage, INA’s developers know how to take all kinds of web applications and make sure that users can access them from all kinds of devices – anywhere, and any time.

Enterprise Portals/Intranets

INA has a demonstrated record of building secure, reliable, intuitive enterprise portals and intranet environments for all kinds of organizations. Leveraging the best available technological capabilities for identity management, web application/tool development, and information management, INA ensures that internal users can maneuver about the environment, find what they need quickly, and use COTS and custom tools easily.

Enterprise Content Management

Your business presentations and proposals might look and sound great, but is the material on your website on the same page? What about your social media accounts? It’s critical to unify messaging, language, branding, and aesthetics across an organization, and make sure you’re telling the same compelling story on all outward facing communications. INA has the people and the communications background to make sure that you stand out from the crowd with creative, compelling, and consistent messaging.

CRM Platform Implementation

Whether you need to get started using one or already have one in place, INA can help you get the most out of a CRM platform. Is the system you’re considering or already paying for the right solution for your organization? Does it integrate with your other systems, can it be properly customized, and can your BD team use it? INA has expertise in a number of different CRM platforms, and can help you find the right one, adapt it to your enterprise, and start getting the most out of it fast.

Application & System Modernization

Whether you’re preparing for a move to the cloud or things just need to work better, INA can help bring your applications into the modern age. Applications need to work the right way the first time, maximize efficiency, and leverage automation so that your users and stakeholders can focus on achieving their core missions. INA is made up of experts in the refactoring of all kinds of applications and re-architecture of enterprise systems.