Group 1

Data Mining & Management

Once you've identified that large data set that has within it the answers that can help your organization grow and maximize efficiency – you have to take the plunge.

Data Mining is the process of exploring Big Data sets for meaningful trends, correlations, and anomalies, and using what’s found to save money, time, and boost effectiveness and efficiency.

INA works with organizations of all kinds, helping them dive into their data and pull out the answers that will help them in the short and long-term.

Smart Product Integration

Everything is connected.

  • Wearable items
  • Household devices
  • Enterprise tools
  • Environmental monitors
  • Industrial equipment

whatever your needs, disparate IoT devices and Smart Products of all kinds need to work together, accurately collect and leverage the right kinds of data, and stay secure.

INA enables organizations in the federal, commercial, and non-profit spaces build out IoT arrays that collect the data that enable better decision-making and long-term success.

Data Monetization

You’re collecting all kinds of data from all kinds of sources.

But is the data working for you?

With custom models and the best predictive analytics technologies, INA helps your organization boost revenue, grow a customer base, and keep existing customers and users happy – maximizing ROI and reducing costs wherever possible.

Group 2

Business Intelligence Visualization

Once data is collected and analyzed, it needs to be displayed in a manner that stakeholders, managers, and users can quickly and easily understand.

INA leverages tools like Tableau, SAS, and IBM SPSS to make sure clients understand what’s going on today, what's most likely to happen tomorrow, and any number of critical trends or patterns that can be used to drive growth and maximize efficiency.

Big Data Analytics

In just the past few years, there’s been an explosion in the availability of structured and unstructured data and there’s too much of it out there for traditional relational databases to take what’s out there and capitalize upon it. That’s where Big Data solutions come in.

INA helps organizations leverage tools for Hadoop, like Apache Spark, IBM BigInsights and MapReduce to stay ahead.

Group 3

Artificial Intelligence

INA has been helping USDA, the U.S. Air Force, and other public and private organizations leverage the latest advancements in Artificial Intelligence (AI) to automate manual processes and get their jobs done better, faster, and more efficiently.

Our experts build systems that continually train themselves and improve at processing high volumes of complex data in real time, resulting in immediately, highly accurate insights.

For example, INA has applied AI and Natural Language Processing (NLP) to measure and analyze jet fuel quality using spectrometer. The data from the spectrometer flows to a mobile application via an IoT protocol. The app performs predictive analysis using AI and NLP.

The data from the app is transferred to a SharePoint site and to an Amazon data lake for further analysis.

Data collected is displayed on a visual dashboard so that management personnel can make mission critical decisions on behalf of the agency.

INA is ready to help you understand how your organization can benefit from the power of AI.

Machine Learning

You’ve heard all about AI and Machine Learning (ML) but do you know how innovations in these areas can help your organization thrive?

ML encompasses technologies that can complete certain tasks and processes without being explicitly programmed to do so rather relying on models built from training data from which a system can "learn" how to make predictions and inferences to complete tasks.

INA helps customers identify areas where AI and ML can be utilized to benefit all kinds of users and constituencies.