Mobile UX/CX Design

What’s going to make your mobile presence stand out from the pack? Users and customers know exactly what goods and services they need from your organization that's why they've come to you. But once they get there, is their experience of interacting with your website smooth, streamlined, and intuitive? INA has worked with public and private organizations to ensure that people interacting with their apps and websites don’t have to search too long or think too hard about which button to click next to get done what they need done.

App Development

Maybe you've got a solid web-based and mobile presence in the form of a website. But could your organization use a dedicated app? INA's developers are experts with android and IOS technologies, all of which can prove indispensable in helping you build mobile applications that look great and work as intended the first time.

Managed Mobility Services

With each year, more and more people are working remotely, and geographically dispersed teams need robust, secure, intuitive approaches so that they may collaborate no matter where they are located. INA is made up of a significantly geographically dispersed workforce, and we have thus gained first-hand expertise in the tools and processes that need to be in place for organizations to get their work done across timezones and hemispheres.

Mobile Platforms

INA is ready to work with your organization to build out custom mobile platforms that deliver the precise array of customized capabilities that your organization needs to achieve its goals.

We have a demonstrated record of success helping organizations in the public sector thrive by building out agile, flexible mobile technology platforms that help decision makers keep track of disparate sets of complex data, and expose all kinds of insights in the form of intuitive, user-friendly dashboards.

As an example of our recent work building custom mobile platforms, we have performed end-to-end development for the USDA / FAS iMART Platform over multiple versions. On this effort, INA carries out 100% of the Application Development, Scrum/sprints, Deployment, and SME consultation, resulting in a mobile platform that helps FAS users in the US and abroad track, monitor, and reconcile Foreign Agriculture goals and strategies across regions, countries, and posts.